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Welcome to Cantr. Before creating your account, please read the following text carefully. Cantr is unlike most other online games.

The fundamental idea is to simulate the development of societies.

Each character you create will awaken in a unique environment, created entirely by other players. There are no pre-determined goals, and no backstory. Roleplay is immersive. Societies may develop very differently in different regions.

The Cantr world is somewhat realistic, though technology levels are unusual. There are few limitations for character development.

Since all characters are played by real people, Cantr can be a very slow-paced game.

Though fighting is possible in Cantr, it is limited. Character death is permanent.

PLEASE NOTE: If your idea of a good time is to leave a trail of corpses behind you, Cantr is not the game for you.

The game world is ongoing. There are no levels, quests, or Out of Character achievements for you as a player. It’s not a game to win. Your characters take part in and contribute to a living history.

There is no magic in Cantr, and it is not a fantasy environment. You may however create characters who have strange beliefs, though others might consider them insane.

Most importantly, there is one rule that governs all interactions among the characters in Cantr:

The Capital Rule

You must play each character exclusively from their own environment and experiences in game. That is, you may not use any Out of Character (OOC) knowledge that you as a player have obtained from your other characters or from fellow players to gain advantage over others.

  • While each player is allowed to create up to 15 characters, these characters MUST be separate and unique individuals. You may not share knowledge or goals among your characters, and their actions may not benefit each other in any way. Your characters may never be part of the same family, organisation, or group.
  • Cantr is a multilingual game, and you may create characters in any language group for which you have conversational ability. However, each character in game knows only one language to spawn with, even if you as a player can understand other languages Out-Of-Character. When your characters encounter other languages spoken in the game, they may learn through roleplay and available in-game resources. This is intended to create a more fair environment for monolingual players and language learners.

    Information about the world of Cantr and the things within it as history or maps are not available in any 'Cantr Official Website' or any other means of information, and should only be collected and shared within the game and between characters.

    For more information, please read the Cantr Wiki Game Rules, and join our out-of-character Discussion Forums, or visit the Cantr irc chans.

    Players are allowed only one single account. New accounts must be registered from a real and transparent IP address. If you need help with this, please contact Support using the support form. Also, returning players may contact Support to revive past accounts.

    Cantr is open to players of all ages. While explicit roleplay is not disallowed, you MUST secure OOC consent with other adult players prior to any in game events.

    All gameplay is monitored by the Players' Department. If you have questions at any time regarding the Capital Rule, or allowable gameplay options, please contact the Players' Department.

    Enjoy the game!

    I also understand that only one account per player is allowed.

    Note that if using the same Internet connection as other players, you may be suspected of attempting to create more than one account, but you may always contact staff to avoid or clarify suspicion.

    If you are a returning player, please request the reactivation of your account, along with information we can use to find it (e.g. the email you used), in your application.

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