Cantr II

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Game Administration Board
This board is responsible for the daily overall administration of the game. All other councils and departments are responsible to this board. See for details the Cantr II Constitution.

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey Komitatestro Founder's Representative
Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey Membro (Human Resources Department)
Bmot Bmot Membro (Game Mechanics Department)
Sherman Sherman Membro (Public Relations Department)

Game Mechanics Department
This department is responsible for the organisation of raw materials in Cantr. This includes managing the list of raw material types and the locations of the different resources. The basic aim should be stimulating an interesting economy. The resources department works closely together with the programming department in managing the list of manufacturable objects in the game. The animals subdepartment will be responsible for the management of the list of animals in the same way as the whole department is for raw materials. The Tailor is responsible for handling requests for new cloth design.

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

Bmot Bmot Komitatestro
Owlette Reeny Membro
Ash AshBee Membro
Snickie Snickie Membro
Wasindear Wasindear Membro
Surly Surly Membro
Genie Speciala Membro (Tailor)
Theda Theda Libertempe
llcoolj11 Jblake8801 Libertempe
Void Void Libertempe

Player Experience Department
This department is responsible for ensuring that Cantr's rules are being followed by the players. They are also there to assist players with questions regarding the rules, to receive reports of rule violations, to restore deactivated accounts, accept new players, and assist with password or email address changes.

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

KVZ KVZ Membro
Theda Theda Membro
Bmot Bmot Membro
bonnemort Membro
Membro (Policy Intern)

Programming Department
This department is responsible for adding to and maintaining the source code of Cantr II. It also administrate all technical aspects of running the game, such as databases, web servers, domains, technical forum and wiki issues, among other things. Its members also help support players with technical issues in the game.

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

GreeK GreeK Vic-komitatestro
Dawid Dawid Membro
Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey Membro
Pies Pies Membro
Wasindear Wasindear Membro
llcoolj11 Jblake8801 Libertempe

Languages Department

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

Genie Vic-komitatestro (Liaison Officer (Turkish))
Bmot Bmot Membro (Dutch)
Snickie Snickie Membro (English)
Sherman Sherman Membro (Finnish)
notsure Membro (French)
Amlin Membro (Lithuanian)
Dawid Dawid Membro (Polish)
GreeK GreeK Membro (Polish)
Osóbka Membro (Polish)
Regi Regi Membro (Portuguese)
Void Void Membro (Portuguese)
Zakarias Zakarias Membro (Swedish)
Mallu Mallu Libertempe (Portuguese)

Human Resources Department
This department will contain all staff members that perform tasks to support the Game Administration Board and other departments.
Personnel Officers are responsible for spotting problems among the Cantr staff and will handle applications for staff positions. If you have questions about becoming a staff member, or if you are a staff member and experience problems as such, please contact this department using link below.
The Finance Officer is responsible for the bookkeeping of Cantr and handling donations. If you have questions or want to send donations, please use our contact form.
The Development Monitor is responsible for maintaining the flow of ideas from suggestion to implementation, with the goal of keeping ideas from stagnating and getting buried.

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey Komitatestro
Bmot Bmot Membro
Optimus Christ Optimus Christ Membro
Snickie Snickie Membro
YuukiSagawa YuukiSagawa Membro (Administrative Specialist)
Theda Theda Membro (Personnel Officer)

Public Relations Department
This department has three main purposes: Social outreach, marketing, and social moderation.

As Cantr is a global game played by people of many languages, the PR department employs translators and language group Liaison Officers to facilitate good communication between the language groups and staff. Translators are responsible for translating ingame texts and global announcements, and for assisting other departments in communications with players. Liaison Officers manage administrative tasks for their language groups, such as the hiring of staff, and also communicate the language group's needs to the GAB (and vice-verse).
Marketers are tasked with promoting Cantr within their language group.
Finally, moderators ensure compliance with the rules within Cantr's social media (forum, irc, wiki, etc).
Members of this department can specialize, or perform as many functions as they are comfortable with.

Kontakti tiun ĉi departementon

Sherman Sherman Komitatestro
Egoras Membro (Marketing)
GreeK GreeK Membro (Marketing Specialist)
Optimus Christ Optimus Christ Membro (Marketing Specialist)
YuukiSagawa YuukiSagawa Membro (Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer)

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