Cantr II

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Welcome to Cantr! Before creating your account, please read the following text carefully. Cantr is unlike most other online games.

The fundamental idea is to simulate the development of societies.

Each character you create will awaken in a unique environment, created entirely by other players. There are no pre-determined goals, and no backstory. Roleplay is immersive. Societies may develop very differently in different regions.

The Cantr world is somewhat realistic, though technology levels are unusual. There are few limitations for character development.

Since all characters are played by real people, Cantr can be a very slow-paced game.

Though fighting is possible in Cantr, it is limited. Character death is permanent.

PLEASE NOTE: If your idea of a good time is to leave a trail of corpses behind you, Cantr is not the game for you.

The game world is ongoing. There are no levels, quests, or Out of Character achievements for you as a player. It’s not a game to win. Your characters take part in and contribute to a living history.

The Capital Rule

Cantr’s mission is to foster creativity, learning, and communication in a world simulating the challenges of real life.

To accomplish this mission, the game of Cantr has one rule, the Capital Rule, which applies to all players of Cantr and is monitored by the Players Department, which consists of volunteer players.

The Capital Rule is that each character must be played subject to the limitations of its own perspective and the world in which it resides.

The following exceptions apply:

The following describes each part of the Capital Rule:

A Character’s Perspective

The World of Cantr