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Welcome to Cantr! Before creating your account, please read the following text carefully. Cantr is unlike most other online games.

The fundamental idea is to simulate the development of societies.

Each character you create will awaken in a unique environment, created entirely by other players. There are no pre-determined goals, and no backstory. Roleplay is immersive. Societies may develop very differently in different regions.

The Cantr world is somewhat realistic, though technology levels are unusual. There are few limitations for character development.

Since all characters are played by real people, Cantr can be a very slow-paced game.

Though fighting is possible in Cantr, it is limited. Character death is permanent.

PLEASE NOTE: If your idea of a good time is to leave a trail of corpses behind you, Cantr is not the game for you.

The game world is ongoing. There are no levels, quests, or Out of Character achievements for you as a player. It’s not a game to win. Your characters take part in and contribute to a living history.

The Capital Rule

Cantr’s mission is to foster creativity, learning, and communication in a world simulating the challenges of real life.

To accomplish this mission, the game of Cantr has one rule, the Capital Rule, which applies to all players of Cantr and is monitored by the Players Department, which consists of volunteer players.

The Capital Rule is that each character must be played subject to the limitations of its own perspective and the world in which it resides.

The following exceptions apply:

The following describes each part of the Capital Rule:

A Character’s Perspective

The World of Cantr

Exception: Core Knowledge of the Player

The diversity of perspectives and talents that different players bring from around the world is one aspect that makes Cantr appealing. Players’ perspectives manifest themselves in their characters. We encourage players to play character as different from themselves (the player) and especially different from their other characters, but we acknowledge that a character is dependent on their player as much as a car is dependent on the driving skills of the driver. See examples for Language, Philosophy, and Skilled Knowledge in the table below (“Capital Rule Examples”).

Exception: Intro World (Tutorial)

The Intro World of Cantr ( is a place for new players to become accustomed to the game and ask questions. As such, the Capital Rule is not enforced on the Intro World and characters may speak from a player’s complete perspective. However, we strongly encourage the use of roleplay and following the Capital Rule here in most cases in order to help new players learn and for an engaging roleplay experience on the Intro World.

Capital Rule Examples

Here are some examples, with “Acceptable” use of a player’s knowledge on the left, “Debatable” in the middle, and “Not Allowed” on the right. Items in “Debatable” are not restricted but some could later be changed to “Not Allowed” or be requested by the Players Department in specific circumstances (without this being counted against you as a warning).




Not Allowed


General language

Idioms that don't make sense in Cantr.

Specific references to named persons, places, animals, or objects that a character has not seen or heard of.


Speaking with a dialect or accent based on real life.

References to things that don't exist in Cantr but that a character would reasonably be aware of on Earth (e.g. bugs).

Lyrics or quotes from real life or that the character has not heard or read.


Philosophies on life or society, such as that killing is bad and the concept of elections.

Using a near-exact copy of a real life constitution, document, or religion as basis for an organization in Cantr.

Direct references to religion or government outside of Cantr.


Understanding of family relationships, including marriage.

References to general political movements such as democracy and communism.

References to specific political parties except as general terms.

Skilled knowledge

Basic math skills, such as addition, fractions, and degrees (e.g. to navigate ships).

Acting as an expert on a mechanic of Cantr (like sailing ships or domesticating animals) without the character having any experience doing it.

Using very specialized real-world knowledge without justification (e.g. automatically knowing advanced chemistry or details about outer space).


The ability to read and write.


A player using a calculator or spreadsheet for what the character does by hand (characters have more time on their hands than their players).


A character learning a language much faster than the player.

Becoming fluent in a language after 2 Cantr years (40 days) have passed but with little to no effort practicing the language (through roleplay).

Near instantly becoming fluent in another language or speaking words one has not seen or heard before.(before reasonable exposure to the language and at least 2 Cantr years).


Planning within the game through roleplay when or how to carry out an action, including attacks or stealing.

Using OOC messages within the game to plan actions or explain your schedule.

Planning outside of Cantr with another player to do something with their characters, or planning when to do something (including on the forum, Discord, email, or a phone conversation).


Having a character spawn with a predetermined name or personality.

Spawning with a specific goal unlikely of someone who doesn't have knowledge about Cantr history or towns (e.g. start a multi-town organization, be a pirate).

Using specific information about history, towns, or other characters that the character did not learn themselves.


Attempting to spawn a character in a specific location, or go to a specific town or character right after spawning. This includes having characters intentionally die right after spawning (to spawn another character).

Character Description

Unusual body height, color, or disability that has existed in real life.

An extreme or rare deformity that exists in real life.

Different body form than is possible (e.g. wings, 6 limbs, tail).

Safety Precautions

In order to avoid problems with the Capital Rule and to make it reasonable to enforce (it can be difficult to know the motivations of players), Cantr staff (the Players Department) enforce restrictions on some actions that do not necessarily break the Capital Rule. These restrictions are motivated by the following:

Note that players who live in the same household or who have the same IP address are treated as the same player in all of the following restrictions and for any other aspects of the Capital Rule (this does not apply to the total number of characters allowed).

The following restrictions apply regardless of the situation (doing these merit official warnings, and the code of the game may prevent some of these actions):

The following actions always break the Capital Rule (and merit a warning):

Capital Rule Cheat Sheet

The following are the types of infractions for which a player may receive a warning (players will be informed of the type they committed):

Valid reasons for a character to speak out of character (OOC):

You can find a link to these game rules and related policies for the Players Department at the bottom of every page.

Enjoy the game!

I understand that only one account per player is allowed.

Note that if using the same Internet connection as other players, you may be suspected of attempting to create than one account, but you may always contact staff to avoid or clarify suspicion.

If you are a returning player, please login to your old account, reset your password, or contact staff.

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