Cantr II

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Welcome to Cantr II!

A text-based role-playing game

Cantr II is a 100% free, persistent browser-based role-playing game (PBBRPG) where the world, its cultures, societies, history, religions, buildings and objects are all created by players, playing as the characters that inhabit that world.

Considered by many to be a slow-paced game, Cantr offers the possibility for enjoyment even with limited playing time. However, if slow isn't your style, you can play up to 15 unique characters, and it's up to you how far they are involved in each of their communities. With a rich, living history and support for sixteen languages, the possibilities in Cantr are almost endless.

Play as a politician, a pirate, a poet, a feared conqueror, a trader, an artisan, or as an explorer in an ever-changing world that is affected by the choices you make in game.

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